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Let ‘Em Go, Let ‘Em Grow


Sometimes in our desire to see people do well or break free from, or out of, negative patterns, we can push people faster or further than they are ready to go.

To really learn something, it’s often about coming to a point of personal understanding or revelation. This actually can’t be rushed or pushed along any faster than it is going. It can be a very gradual personal process, which is difficult to put a clear time to. “You get it, once you’ve got it”.

Sometimes as the discipler, the leader or the pastor we can be guilty of frustration, wanting people to be further ahead than they are, but the fact is “people are where they are”, and it can be unfair to expect more from them than that from anyone.

As a leader if I begin to push my own personal growth or development agenda upon some one who just might not “be there” yet, I can easily slip over into control, and that is actually going to hamper, not help, the growth and development process in others.

As long as growth is happening, we do not have the right to determine whether someone’s pace is up to our liking or not.

Celebrate any and all small steps that others make. We can’t control the growth rate, or the growth process, but with open eyes, we can see and celebrate what is happening in others.


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