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Enlarge the Vision of Others


Even when raising your own children, there is an unspecified time of letting go, that will vary from child to child.

I have never had my own children, which would possibly be the only regret I have at this point in my life,  but I have birthed and raised disciples. These are my children.

I see so many similarities between discipleship and child raising. They are almost the same, you birth something naturally and spiritually, you gently nurture and develop, you bond and connect, your life and their life is intrinsically and very naturally entwined, you eventually release them to live their own lives, but you are always connected. Your motives are always motivated by love and you really do have their best interests at heart. You want them to succeed, but you will let them make mistakes, because you know that this is actually important for their growth. They will misunderstand you at times, they will disappoint you and hurt you, they might even shun you for a while, but often time and space resolves this, because the fact that you “birthed them” is very, very strong, so time does often heal all.

It really is a changing of the guard here in Manila, with us being less and less involved in the established ministry. Some days can almost have a bit of boredom attached to them.

Christine will go back to Australia this week, as grand child number eight will soon be born. I do envy the fact the she gets more time with the grandkids than I do. We both love them to death, and they are as much our little disciples as those that God has given us in Manila.

The day Christine leaves for Australia, I will head off for a few days diving (haven’t got the gear wet for a year, long overdue), looking forward to that, but then once I get back I am looking forward to formally talking over the children’s ministry and getting involved in the kids club, that a good friend of ours set up.

We really must focus on impacting future generations by seriously equipping the children now. I am not talking about teaching Noah’s Ark and singing little rainbow songs (although we will do this), but we must actually equip the next generation to make better decisions, based upon clearer convictions. We want people who think wisely for themselves and for others.

We make world changers, by deliberately changing someone’s world, then releasing them to do the same.


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