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God presents us all with amazing promises and a very bright future indeed.

When we look at the children of Israel in their time in the wilderness, on the way to these amazing promises, provision and life filled future, there are numbers of lessons to learn.

Life’s best is always in front of us, never behind us. This means – leave some stuff behind in order to get to the new.

Don’t complicate simple things, stick to the plan. This means – just go from “here to there”, if you seem to be repeating things, STOP THAT AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, by LEARNING SOME THING YOU SHOULD BE LEARNING WHEN YOU SHOULD BE LEARNING IT. Being stupid or stubborn doesn’t help, don’t do this.

The journey will be as short or as long as we make it, this will be determined by “our attitude”, not God’s plan. This means – if it seems to be taking a long time, YOU might be the issue. Accept this, adjust and move on.

All we need to do is start the journey and walk out the course, the goal is guaranteed, if we do this.

If you don’t know the way, follow some one who does. This means – taking some ones advice is some times very, very important.

Following the crowd is often not the best bet.

…but be careful, if we complain, criticize and grumble enough, our trip can be cancelled. If this happens it is totally our fault. Then, what do we have left…aimless wandering, a waste of a life..?

INSIDER TIP – Don’t take the last option…

CHOOSE WELL, CHOOSE WISELY, because we do actually get what “we really want”.


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