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Grumpy Day Confession


I had a grumpy day yesterday, one that led to a sobering personal revelation.

I had a poor attitude for much of the day, was snappy and irritable.

I actually put some focused, honest thought into what was going on. There was no one incident that had happened to me that warranted the mood, but silly, small incidences could very easily add to it as the day progressed. It was clearly effecting me and the people I interacted with throughout the day, especially my poor wife.

But it was all actually coming out of me, it was not from any external situation or circumstance. I was having the mood. As I pondered it, it became clear that I was judging and criticizing others in my heart and my mind. As the judgements grew, my emotions were also getting involved, theses two together were producing in me a bad attitude, which was now becoming my mood, my mood was now determining my day.

So my bad day was all about an out of control me, it had nothing to do with anyone else at all. It was thoughts and emotions running around inside of me, unchecked and unrestrained, by me…it was all my fault. Others had to bear the brunt of it, but I was clearly to blame.

I saw that as I judged or critized some one, a chain would go out from me to them. People were being chained by my opinion, shackled and limited by my thoughts and emotions. Plus all the chains were still connected to me, so I was also shackled, limited and heavy burdened much more than others.

Very interesting, considering I have been teaching so much on our thoughts. Looking a lot at 2 Corinthians 10:4-6, I even preached on this passage this week.

I had to “release people”, even though they had no idea what was going on in me. As I began to do this, my mood began to lift.

It was almost as if I was standing on the outside of myself watching this process happen on the inside of me. It was all determined by choices that I made and that I then chose to change.

The day did not instantly become perfect, and I am sure the process is far from over. It’s always a bit omg when you see your own issues, but at the same time we all know that when God reveals stuff it’s so we can get free of stuff.

Humbling post, but what God shows to one, can always help others.

Stop, Think, Adjust – whenever you need to.


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