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Expand Your Mind


Thoughts change things. Thoughts produce things.

A peice of paper is a very simple thing, but with some thought it has so many possibilities.

Write a letter, take some notes, make a plane, a boat, a hat, a rose or even a dragon, use it to block a hole, turn it into paper mache, produce some artwork on it, light the fire with it, wrap a gift, turn it into confetti, screw it up and make a ball, there is almost an endless list of what you can do with a simple piece of paper, but be careful as well, it can cut your finger…what else can you think of…

The mind that learns to explore is the mind that learns to expand. A mind that expands will grow and develope the life of the person it is attached to. A small life can sometimes be the evidence of a small mind. No one needs to have either.

As a Christian, I have the mind of Christ, so there is some serious potential in my mind.

Expand your mind and expand the horizons of your life.


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