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Time Reveals All.


If we learn the right things we get the right results. Same if we have taught the right things, we get the right results.

Discipleship can’t be just about telling people what they need to do. In some cases it might need to start there, but for that person’s future development, it definitely can’t stay there.

Discipleship must lead that person towards self development, totally independent from the initial inspiration or source (unless of course that inspiration is God).

It’s that constant combination of encouragement, example, teaching and explanations, that brings a person to the point where they are better equipped to self govern their life’s future development. It also brings them to the point where they are able to reproduce this process in others.

The initial “discipler” must, at some stage be able to let the disciple go and make decisions for themselves, based solely upon their own reasons and motives.

Some of these decisions might be good, poor or perhaps straight out wrong, but they must be allowed to make them for themselves. It’s part of growing up.

The trick is the “discipler” being able to really let go, but maintain the relationship, where “advice can be sought, if desired” by the disciple.

Once you “let go – let go”, keep your hands off. If you did the initial work well, they will be ok.

An interesting year ahead, the decision to make no decisions for others…


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