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Amazing Youth


Using our new thinking hats, we pulled a part two conflicting sets of statistics and came up with a solid reason why this is happening and how we can actually change it for ourselves.

The stats were the average life span in the Philippines, which improved slightly for many years, but then takes a dramatic plunge down in 2015. Using hats we looked at why this might be happening, writing all our answers on the whiteboard.

Then I added conflicting stats on the average income for the Philippines, which has steadily climbed since 1984, making a huge jump up in 2015.

Using our blue hats, the second lot of stats began to one by one cancel out many of the comments from the first stats, because if the average income is increasing, surely the average life expectancy should improve, not dramatically decrease.

It was amazing as the youth began to unravel the main reason why this is happening. Analysis of previous comments brought the group to one conclusion, then using the green hat, we got very easily achievable solutions.

I know the youth were amazed at the outcome that “they” came up with.

Iron sharpens iron, as the discussion built, ideas prompted ideas, ideas lead to conclusions and solutions.

The thinking hats are working. Brilliant material.

I can’t post the result here, as we will still be doing the exercise with other groups of leaders. But it was such a fascinating process, with a brilliant result.

The youth now all have their thinking bracelets (not hats), same colors, same concepts, just a little reminder when they need to think something through.



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  1. I love it MaRK SO EXCITED what possibilities await for all of us, imagine if we can use this with Birthing classes, Body Ed classes later in the year…….. so excited..

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