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So Blessed


Second Sunday in our own churches. Preached in Fairview, which is such a youth filled church, then in the afternoon service in Baseco.

It’s so good to be back here. Just the naturalness of the whole Christian world here is so special.

Sitting around after church with the adults and youth, laughing and having fun. Some one pulls out a guitar and worship begins, while students study a few feet away and a few other youth are inside discussing bible verses. The students slip as naturally as can be between study and worship, and it is all so unforced and totally natural. It’s all so right.

In the midst of it all Christine is treating a 13 year old boys big toe, where he has pretty much ripped the whole toe nail off, probably at work, as he carries sacks of vegetables up and down the market each night.

It’s such a different world here. But for us and the Christian community that has developed around us, it’s just beautiful to be in. It’s a relaxed, but Jesus charged atmosphere.

When you are back in it all you realise how much you missed it all.

Our lives are truly blessed beyond our wildest dreams. The grace of God has been extended to us, possibly far more than it has gone through us to others.

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