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The world here in Manila has actually changed much in the time I have been away.

Systems in the medical world have improved, process’s at immigration seem to be easier, the airport process has improved. There are so many more cars in Baseco now, the types and styles of motorbikes on the road are so diverse now…things are on the up everywhere. The economy is cleary improving.

Ministry wise, the youth seem to be where the big movement and development is happening, but in saying that, I attended Don Bosco leadership this Thursday and the confidence levels there have seriously risen. There were a number of ladies with that look in their eyes that reveals maturity and ability, with them being clearly aware that they themselves are going somewhere in God. Very, very encouraging to see.

Developement is something that should never stop, but there does come a point where you know that this person, or perhaps these people, will be ok now without your help. They have enough maturity in Christ to develop themselves further, or at the very least, maintain themselves at a healthy standard.

There are a few people that I thought might of progressed further while I was away, there are also some people I look at and think, not much has gone forward there…but ,at some point development must become a personal choice and a personal responsibility, we can’t hold people’s hands forever. People must be free to progress, stay the same and sometimes even fail all by themselves.

There is a lot that is “NEW”. It’s good to see and be part of.


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