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Gather Wisdom


I have had the same dream now three nights in a row.

The dream is as follows –

An arena setting with many people (no nationality) and there was a spirit in the arena that everyone was happy and comfortable with, everyone knew it, they were happily familiar with it. The Spirit was equally at home with the people, as the people were with it.

I was in the crowd, everyone one cheering and happy with whatever the spirit was doing, but I stood up, waved my arms and said “NO”, this immediately brought me into conflict with the spirit.

All I felt next was how strong this spirit was, just exceedingly strong, immense STRENGTH and I was now in conflict with it. My lack of acceptance of it was enough to be seen as “resistance” to it. I was not being damaged, but I had to retreat to specifically “gather wisdom”, as wisdom was the only way to defeat this spirit.

The spirit is culture and tradition.

I don’t know if this specifically relates to Australian culture, Filipino culture or the world’s culture in general.

For those who pray for us, I would request that you pray for us to “increase in the ability to gather and apply wisdom”. Even though there was no notion of applied wisdom in the dream, the purpose of wisdom is that it be applied, in this instance bringing defeat to something, therefore victory to some one else.

Bless you all – Mark and Chris Pedder



    • Ok, that’s a bit “wow”. No exaggeration here, but for months I have been pondering how past experiences lead to present attitudes and present thoughts. Each thought (good or bad, positive or negative) have the appropriate emotions attached to them. So when you focus on a past experience, you pull up thoughts and emotions into your present, which come from your past. Your past then can begin to shape your present and also your future. If we don’t really learn how to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, we will limit our own ability to experience the good, perfect, pleasing will of God for both our lives and the lives of those around us.

  1. I have been considering this for myself primarily, but also of course for the poor and how we interact with them, helping them to break out of past negative thinking patterns.

    As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.

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