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Give Now Project

GIVE NOW is a crowd funding site that is set up via the Westpac Bank in Australia. You DONATE Funds on the actual website, although you can DONATE directly here via our PAYPAL button.

To find the GIVE NOW site, just type “” into your browser, then search for the KEYWORD – Baseco…and there we are…

Jesu Christi Manuel

John Mariel Lumaad

Mary Joy Abitona

Mary Joy Parol

Romel Cayabyab

Romulo Rampula

Salman Salangani

As many of you realise, we have sent children to school for nearly the last 10 years now. Started many in Elementary School, then onto High School and now we have numbers who are in College or University.

This program has been very, very successful, with many of our students achieving very high academic marks, which shows that when children get the opportunity of education, they take that opportunity and they run with it.

We have been blessed with many generous sponsors over the years who have helped many children get through school to this point, and we are very grateful for every ones support of this program.

Obviously the further that children get in their education the greater work opportunities they have to choose from in life, but also the expense of their education rises dramatically once they get to College or University. We recognise that not every child will go to College or University, but for those who are smart enough, who are diligent and make the efforts necessary for further education, those who will benefit most from it, we want to be able to continue to provide them the financial support that they need. We have now sponsored some children for their entire education so far…the next steps in this program are huge financial upgrades for us and for them. Not every student pictured here will necessarily go onto College or University, but many will and there are many more like them…we currently have nearly 10 students in College, with many more applying this coming year.

The sole aim of this fund-raising site is to generate income specifically for College and University Sponsorship. We don’t expect a single person to be able to donate a few thousand dollars for a child to go to College or University, but with this site, no one has to. A person might give a small amount each week, month or year, a one off donation…what ever people can afford, and it alls goes to sending children to College.

Giving children the CHANCE at higher Education, gives them increased CHOICES in life. As you donate to this cause, that’s your CHOICE to give under privileged children a CHANCE TO CHOOSE as well.

A few dollars here and there from me or you doesn’t really change all that much, but a few dollars here and there from a few thousand people…now that begins to have an impact and make a difference.

Even if at this stage you don’t feel to donate to this cause, could you just make other people aware of it, share it around…lets give more students the CHANCE to make more CHOICES in their own lives.


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