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Do Unto Others

Here’s something really practical to do when you consider “how to make a disciple”.

When we, as mature Christians, think about making disciples we think they need to learn this and this, the Holy Spirit, prayer, the bible etc, etc…I need to do this, this and this….they need to do that, and if we were asked to list the steps and things that needed to happen to make a disciple, it would be a huge list….but, that’s because we are mature Christians and have grown in our understanding of various bible truths…but we must remember that we “did not start with this level of understanding”….

Here is a great question for every Christian leader who is trying to make Disciples…

When you started this journey as a young Christian, what were the main things that some one did with you… (NOTE – not what did God do…what did “another person do”).

Example – I asked my wife this question and she answered by saying when she got saved the Pastor was very patient with her, very kind, he took time with her to answer all her questions and teach her things. So some one was patient, kind and took time with her.

So the question again – When you started this journey as a young Christian, what were the main things that some one did with you…actually write a list, whatever the main things that some one did with you….now take that list and choose the most important three things from your list…now, if you take those three things and apply them to a new Christian that you are discipling, you have a great start point to raising some one else up in the things of Christ.

Now these three things are more than likely the three things that you need to make sure that you do with every single person that you meet.

These three things had a great impact upon you and so they will also have a great impact upon others as well.

Here’s another great question – at some point you became able to “self learn” – what caused this to happen. This is very important, because really this is when you began to really grow strong. The aim of any Discipleship is that the ones you are Discipling begin to self learn, if they don’t, then your discipling is not being effective.

So two questions for you – great questions to help you look at “Am I discipling others like I was Discipled”.


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