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It’s your EXAMPLE that inspires, encourages and motivates change in others, then your TEACHING clarifies and helps to equip, it puts detail and definitions to what you have done.

So leadership is an “example that inspires, encourages and motivates some one else, leading them to some sort of personal change”.

Is not position based, it’s really leading by example – it’s a function. It’s cause and effect. People follow because I lead.

With this definition of leadership, anyone can really lead, and they can do it without permission or appointment, it all depends upon are you willing to work on your example. We are clearly making a separation of leadership “in the church”, to leadership in “general Christian life”.

Christian leadership “inside the church” is often very limited. There are only so many Sundays in a year, only so many duties to be carried out on Sunday, there are limited leadership opportunities…but in “normal life”, you can lead as much as you want to…the opportunities are endless. So lead where you live.

Life and leadership are the same thing. They happen at the same time.

Become a greater example and become a greater leader, this is how discipleship starts.


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