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Do Something WELL

We have been in full time ministry for over 20 years, with 14 years being focused upon working amongst the poor of metro Manila. It’s easy to look at what we do and miss “what we actually do”. People tend to focus on outcomes, results, numbers, programs or activities, and over the years we have had many, many people come to see the ministry that God has, and is continuing to develop and often a person will get focused on this one thing, or one aspect of what we do, something that perhaps impacts them or some thing that is “their thing”. For example a teacher might fall in love with our sponsorship program, a mid wife will just love our Birthing Better Babies program and in some ways it has gotten their attention because it’s some thing that already has their attention, and then when they talk about us or the ministry they tell people about this thing that we do…but is that what we really do..?

Simple answer is usually…NO…this is not what we do…it’s not the aim or the focus of the ministry, it might be happening and we might do it well, but it’s an outcome, or a result, without being an “aim”.

Here’s what we do, it’s very, very simple. It’s only 2 things and it has never changed once in 20 years, and hopefully it will never change once in our life time…

1 – We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ…

…why to do we do this, again this is very, very simple…

2 – In order to “Make Disciples”…

This is ridiculously simplistic, but in all honesty, this is all we do. We do these two things over and over and over again…nothing more, nothing less.

In our ministry no one ever graduates from these two things, there is no other focus, no other emphasis…I started by doing these two things, I am still doing these two things today. My disciples are expected to do these two things, they should never stop doing these two things. Their disciples are expected to do these two things and so on and so on…

Actually in our ministry regardless of how gifted, called or anointed that you might think you are, you will never lead if you are not doing these two things, because if you are not doing these two things you are not actually leading.

If you think you are making disciples, but your disciples are not making disciples, then you are not making disciples at all, because everything reproduces after it’s own kind. So disciples can only produce disciples. You might need to read that again and let it sink in. For us if you start making disciples and then for some reason stop, you have also stopped leading and you are no longer flowing with the Vision and the Mission of the church.

There many things that we might not do well, but that’s actually not an issue, because what we do, we are doing very well. We have great Disciples who are making Disciples.

Focus on “something” and learn to do it well.


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