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I have just been chatting to my wife, who is in Manila spending a month with our team, they are all doing so well while we are not there.

Chris said many things, but one of the things she sees so clearly and that is so encouraging, is that they are truly walking with Jesus and truly listening to and being obedient to the Holy Spirit. As she says, and as we know already, they do things very differently to how we would do them, but that is irrelevant, it’s their country, their culture, their people and ultimately it will be their ministry, and not really even their ministry – that’s a misleading term, it’s just their walk of following Jesus and outworking their own Christian lives in the country and the culture where they are.

I think we sometimes put way to much emphasis on “the ministry” as if it is something special, something to aspire to, a point to be reached – “I am in the ministry full time”, as if it is some sort of goal or measure of success for those who are considered more dedicated or more gifted than those who are “just Christians”.

But that’s all rubbish, ministry is just another word for “normal Christian life”…forget “the ministry” and just get on with outworking your normal Christian life right where you are….that’s “the ministry you were called to”.
No one is in “part time life”, so maybe there is no such thing as “part time ministry”…
As I chatted with Chris today, I saw that our TEAM are truly living out what is a very normal Christian life, which is exactly the same as “ministry”, the two cannot be separated.
We have worked hard at connecting our people to Jesus and the Holy Spirit, deliberately avoiding any form of permanent connection to us, we have never needed to be in control. We have a role to play, that role is to make sure people were looking to Jesus and leaning on the Holy Spirit…that’s the major goal of Discipleship.
You have got no idea how encouraging that is, to see it outworking just like it did in the bible. Our disciples major role, is to now pass that on, reproduce that in others, and they are doing exactly that, because that is all they have known.
It’s very encouraging to think that we have invested 14 years of our lives so far (which is not very long at all) and that in such a short time, by the grace of God, He has allowed us to see success like this. The facts are, we all only have one life to live, and only one life to give for the cause of the Kingdom, it’s a brilliant journey as we continue to “Follow Jesus”.
We appreciate so much all the prayer and various forms of support that people, many of whom we have never met, have given us so far, everyone has a part to play, and everyone just needs to play their part. I talk much about our TEAM in Manila, but you are also part of the TEAM.
Let’s keep walking and working together, keeping our eyes on Jesus, the work is far from over yet.
Bless you all – Mark and Christine

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