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God never gets stuck in ruts like we do, it is actually the opposite, He deliberately breaks ruts and tradition.

Here’s an example – Peters dilemma…

Peter was a Jew, he believed salvation was for Jews only. This was the view of the church in his day, Peter was far from alone in his belief…but God was about to change everything…by sending him to Cornelius, a gentile.

Peter broke the laws he knew, but in turn learned the laws of God…unconditional love for all.

Check out these few scriptures –

Acts 10:28, then verse 34, now verse 45. The response of the established church, shows great maturity and Godly wisdom. They did not react negatively, or instantly react and reject what was a totally new paradigm – Acts 11:18.

There are so many lessons here…tradition resists change, Spirit led Christianity is very much open, not just to change, but to progression that leads to increased fruitfulness in the things of the Kingdom.

God does not view people like we often do.

We all like to think we are right, but only God is ever right. We must keep our hearts and minds open to the voice of the Holy Spirit.


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