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Be All You Can Be

I dread the thought that what might be called “radical Christianity” by most of us, might actually be very “normal Christianity” by God, perhaps even “baseline Christianity” by Gods standards of what is possible.

Every promise in the Word is true, every encouragement from Jesus “to be, or to become as He is” is both true and very, very attainable. There is nothing in the Word that we cannot attain to, it might mean some serious life, theological and attitudinal adjustments, but it is all very, very possible. These are never things that we attain to in our own strength or by our own efforts, but every promise is just that, a promise. A promise given by a God who never leads us astray, never lies and never fails…so everything is very attainable.

We will need to let go of our opinions of “normal Christianity” and embrace fully Gods Word. Stop leading ourselves and let the Holy Spirit begin to really lead us, as He will lead us into all Truth. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom “to be” all that Jesus says we can be.

Stop believing the lie about the cost and the price we must pay to access the “all of God”…there is no price, it’s all FREE, it was paid for by a Saviour who went to the cross so that we could have it all.

In saying that, there definitely is a price, but that price is something that will be paid by others, if we, the Christians, don’t attain to all that Jesus has for us. Romans 8:18-22. There are aspects of the Glory of God that can only be revealed through us…so let’s “rise and shine”. Creation is waiting for us “to be” all that Jesus says we can be…

Be all you can be…


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