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Mines MInistry

While I am here in Australia for a season the TEAM is continuing to push back the works of darkness in Manila. Some people have said to me “don’t I miss the ministry…”, the answer is simple, “not at all, the ministry is where you are, the harvest is ready”.

I don’t need to be in Baseco (in my own preferred world) to be in the ministry, that’s just a religious concept. I need to be walking with Jesus where ever I am. I had a number of people tell me how hard it would be for a Christian up here, as these miners are so tough and hardened, and while there are elements of truth in that statement, “being hard” is not one of them. I have as many opportunities to share Jesus here as I do in Baseco, if anything, by default I actually shine brighter here as darkness does seem to prevail. Being here for this short time has again reminded me that peoples attitudes are there because they are “lost” and they simply don’t know any better.

The “lost” are not resistive to the gospel, they might be very resistive to hypocrites and religion, but not to the gospel, it brings truth, light, hope and life. The bible is clear that all of creation groans, eagerly awaiting the manifestation of the sons of God…creation might not be all that interested in man made church circles, but it is looking for some Godliness. Again the bible says that from the times of John until now the gospel has been preached and “everyone is pressing into it”…that does not sounds resistive, that sounds very open and hungry to me.

Maybe we Christians need to adjust our attitudes to the lost. We need to remember they are lost, getting lost is not usually a deliberate choice, it’s something that happens by accident and it’s ok to be lost, it’s not a bad place to be, because there is a group of people called Christians who are looking for you, they are trying to “seek and to save the lost”.

On my very first shift in the mines, it was like landing on Mars for me, so new and such a different environment, I knew nothing about nothing, all I knew was that Jesus had put me here for a while and that Jesus still walks with me where ever I go, so I just got down to my work – which is preaching the Gospel and being light in a dark world. On that first job there were some humans that were almost animals, just wild wild men, but remember, it’s just because they are lost, so I took a lot of crap from some of them. But me and Jesus have always been ok together, so if you start getting heavy handed, you want to throw some crap around, you better be ready for what’s coming back at you, me and Jesus don’t do second place well at all, and we don’t back off, I have biblical concepts that tell me we stay at the front, we push in, we stand, we don’t cower, we don’t back down or away…these are not optional…

I started this shift at that very first mine site and a guy sees me and say “stuff, so preacher boy you still here, you survived”, then he swore a few times, had a laugh and we had a chat. He thought they had been so hard on me that they would not see me again, I jokingly explained to him that it was not me surviving them that was the issue, they survived me. And this does not mean that I am walking around telling everyone to repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand, but my comments are Christian, my humour is Christian, my work ethic is Christian and I will both “take and make” my opportunities to share about God and Jesus…it’s all very natural. I am a Christian.

There are a lot of things that I don’t know, but there is one thing that I know well – Jesus, and me and Him will always be ok.

Our TEAM in Manila is doing it, I am the leader, I have to always be leading by example.

Don’t look for excuses to not preach the gospel, turn that thing around and just go for it, it’s not as scarey as you think.


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