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Performance Review

A few weeks ago I asked all the full time paid leadership in Baseco and Don Bosco a few question. It was sort of a performance review, but also just prompting some unofficial measuring sticks, as we do all need to evaluate what we are doing.

This will be a longer post than I normally write, I will write the questions here, and then post various leaders answers in subsequent posts. I won’t edit the leaders answers, and as such I won’t mention their names, as some of their English grammar is not perfect and they might get embarrassed if their names were attached.

If you pray for us and the team, the answers will show you some areas of prayer, as all the answers admitted weakness as well as strength, very honest.

We have a GREAT TEAM.

Here was my initial post to each of them.

Hi there, just sending this out to all paid staff, I would like you to read it, think about it and respond soon.

There are many Bible verses connected to being active in the work of ministry – 1 Cor 9:24-27, Galatians 6:9-10, 2 Tim 2:4-5. Even just 1 Cor 11:1, Paul was incredibly active in ministry, but Paul was simply imitating Christ in all that he did.

It’s easy to get distracted, or to slip into just maintaining things as they already are…but we are to stay focused on being ACTIVE & ADVANCING things.

We advance things for at least two reasons – 1 – we are called to be building the kingdom – 2 – it challenges us & encourages our own personal growth.

PLEASE NOTE – the questions are for YOU, not other leaders and not the church, for YOU…the questions will help YOU to look at your own activity and what effect YOU are having. We must often look at how we are using the time we are given – Eph 5:16, it’s very healthy to sometimes take time to analyze our activity.

I will send you some questions each month for a few months. I don’t want exact hours, just some accurate estimates.

1 – in the last two weeks how many hours have YOU been active in ministry…

2 – in the last two weeks how many Bible studies have YOU taught at…

3 – in the last two weeks how many times have YOU preached…

4 – in the last two weeks how many hours have YOU spent reading your Bible…

5 – in the last two weeks has the Holy Spirit used YOU to lead someone to Jesus…

6 – if 10 was the best, how would you rate YOUR personal growth from 1-10 in the last month…

7 – have YOU had any ideas that have benefited the ministry in the last month, if YES, explain briefly what that was…

8 – would you say that YOU are hearing regularly from the Holy Spirit…

9 – do you think the leadership TEAM is working together well…

10 – do you feel like you are able to contribute to the TEAM and that your ideas are listened too…

11 – is there any other area of ministry you have been involved in, that might not be covered in these questions…

12 – How are you personally doing inside yourself, your whole life, ministry, family, home etc…

13 – How do you think the whole ministry is doing without me and Christine there…it’s it exciting or a bit flat, is it flowing easy or hard, are people attending things or not, does everything feel positive or negative, are there new people attending things…

14 – How is prayer, this must always be a strong focus…

If there is anything bad or challenging for you, please let me know, maybe I can help or give some advice. We are FAMILY.

Plus, testimonies, please let me know the stories, great things that God is doing in you and through you.

We love you all, and miss being there with you – Ps Mark.”

I would advise, that for prayer purposes, read one leaders response per day, I will number them leader 1 – 7. I can supply names if you would like, but you will need to ask me in a comment or email.



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