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Leader 6 Response

1. Question:
In the last two weeks, how many hours have you been active in ministry?
Answer: I think I only spent 45 hours approximately in the last two weeks doing ministry, because there are times that I could not come due to some reasons like DSWD meeting, etc.
2. Question:
In the last two weeks, how many bible studies have you taught at?
Answer: I only shared twice in bible studies in the two weeks because, sometimes the members are too busy doing their staff, and sometimes they are not there at home.
3. Question:
In the last two weeks, how many times have you preached?
Answer: I only preached once, and that is in women’s ministry in Don Bosco.
4. In the last two weeks, how many hours have you spent reading your bible?
Answer: I think I only spent 10 hours reading my bible this past two weeks.
5. In the last two weeks, has the Holy Spirit used you to lead someone to Jesus?
Answer: Yes Pastor, when I shared in women’s ministry.
6. Question:
If 10 was the best, how would you rate your personal growth from1-10 in the last month?
Answer: I will honestly rate my personal growth 5 out of 10 in the last month.
7. Have you had any ideas that have benefited the ministry in the last month? If yes, explain briefly what that was.
Answer: Yes we had pastor, but only for Don Bosco not for all. We have given a capital to start a small business in order to help them financially.
8. Would you say that you are hearing regularly from the Holy Spirit?
Answer: I do hear the Holy Spirit sometimes, but sometimes I didn’t follow His leading because of doubt and fear.
9. Do you think the leadership team is working together well?
Answer: I can say yes but not all the time.
10. Do you feel like you are able to contribute to the team and that your ideas are listened too?
Answer: I do feel I can contribute some ideas to the team, but I don’t know if they would listened to it. But as of now, I do not have any idea to give.
11. Is there any other area of ministry you been involved in that might not be covered in these question.
Answer: We attended in the women’s ministry being held in Malabon.
12. How are you personally doing inside yourself, your whole life, ministry, family, home, etc.
Answer: I doing good spiritually pastor but physically tired because I have lots of things being done first at home, ministry, pilling garlic for the women’s convention etc. My ministry is still good and I do preach there sometimes if I am in the schedule. My family is good.
13. How do you think the whole ministry is doing without me and Christine there…it’s it exciting or a bit flat, is it flowing easy or hard, are people attending things or not, does everything feel positive or negative, are there new people attending thing..?
Answer: I think pastor, the ministry is still doing good even without you here, but of course it would be better if you are here. We are being challenged to do the ministry by ourselves and plan for the better. Honestly, it is more easy for me to do the ministry when you are away, because I always feel pressured when you are here..hahaha:D..people are still attending in bible studies, sometimes we have new attendees sometimes none..
14. How is prayer? This must always be a strong focus.
Answer: My prayer life is good. But, I can only concentrate in my prayer at night time before bed. I always praying for the ministry in Don Bosco.


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