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Leader 3 Response

1 – In the last two weeks, how many hours have YOU been active in ministry…

ANSWER: The ministries the I’ve been involved in the last two weeks are: youth/adult leadership, bible studies, midget ministry, youth ministry, and kids ministry, and the approximate hours of my involvement is 73.

2 – in the last two weeks how many Bible studies have YOU taught at…

ANSWER: I shared in 6 bible studies in the last two weeks.

3 – in the last two weeks how many times have YOU preached…

ANSWER: I preached 4 times in the last two weeks in youth leadership meeting both in Don Bosco and Baseco, Fairview sunday service..

4 – in the last two weeks how many hours have YOU spent reading your Bible…

ANSWER: approximate of 25 hours

5 – in the last two weeks has the Holy Spirit used YOU to lead someone to Jesus…

ANSWER: Yes! To an old lady In Permanent Housing!

6 – if 10 was the best, how would you rate YOUR personal growth from 1-10 in the last month…

ANSWER: I believe I’m growing more in the knowledge of God and in His word, but still I feel it is not enough, so I think I will rate myself 7 out of 10

7 – have YOU had any ideas that have benefited the ministry in the last month, if YES, explain briefly what that was…

ANSWER: in the last month, I think I have not given any new idea for the ministry.

8 – would you say that YOU are hearing regularly from the Holy Spirit…

ANSWER: I would say I’m hearing from the Holy Spirit, but honestly not regularly because I’ve been destructed sometimes with what is happening around me and too much time together with friends.

9 – do you think the leadership TEAM is working together well…

ANSWER: for me, there are times where every one in the team is doing their part, being involved in the ministry, but sometimes not.

10 – do you feel like you are able to contribute to the TEAM and that your ideas are listened too…

ANSWER: as of now, I have not yet given any ideas to the team, because I’ve been focussing in the youth ministry in last month.

11 – is there any other area of ministry you have been involved in, that might not be covered in these questions…

ANSWER: We, the Don Bosco Team, are regularly meeting every friday night in past0r Manny’s house, meeting new people in permanent housing to start new bible studies and youth service.

12 – How are you personally doing inside yourself, your whole life, ministry, family, home etc…

ANSWER: I’m doing good but also challenging myself to grow more in God and in my character. I always challenging myself to get a new things from God. The youth ministry in Don Bosco is a big challenge for me because, most of them are looking for enjoyment, like praise and worship with complete instruments compare to the churches around us. Honestly, in the last two weeks, only few of them are coming regularly in the meeting, and some are not because of their own personal reason.
Me and my wife are doing good, she is still working in the KFC. And just in this last two weeks, we confirmed that she is two months pregnant. She is very happy and excited.

13 – How do you think the whole ministry is doing without me and Christine there…it’s it exciting or a bit flat, is it flowing easy or hard, are people attending things or not, does everything feel positive or negative, are there new people attending things…

ANSWER: I think the whole ministry is doing good, there are times where people are being active in the bible studies, many are attending, but there are also times where people are too busy doing staff. We made some small adjustment in the schedules of bible study in Don Bosco where we think is best for them. There are buildings that are growing, and some are flat.

14 – How is prayer, this must always be a strong focus…

ANSWER: I thank God for the privileges in prayer. I do not cease to pray each day for every areas of ministry both Baseco, fairview, specially in Don Bosco. Prayer helps me charge my spirit and tune my ears to the leading of the Spirit. Since last month, I have decided to wake up early to pray and worship God.


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