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Leader 2 Response

OK, this will be the hardest one for you to work out, but perseverance will pay of here, take your time.

hello pastor!!this is you question?1 how many hours beenvactive in ministry? me personaly im not sure if how many hours that i because most from tuesday up to friday bible study same when you are here!!!womens !!! number 2!!!question!!! how many bible study have your taught bible we have 2 new bible study the first one is new but the second bible study is not really new old but we gathered again in my neighbor hood!!!and 3 question!!!is how many time have you preach!!!for last two weeks i think 2!!!number 4 question!!! how many hour spent in reading!!!mostly night and morning!!!question number 5!! has the holy spirit used you to lead someone  yes the holy spirit is:: always talking to me the new bible study is like an accident because in our old bible study that we went is no people there but when i decide to visit in one of our bbb mum the lady ask me where im going i said to visit in our bbb mum she said  i think you looking house to bible study and i say why ? and still talking and i invite if she want in her house and she straight says yes in my house!!! i think this is the lead of the holy spirit!!! number 6!!! if 10 was the best how would you rate your personal grouth!!! im in 9 because im not in perfect!!!number 7!!!have you had any ideas that have benefited the ministry!!!! yah i God is able is already given to us a idea like the bible study !!! we  split in a two group now !!! sample block 15 and gasangan are combining the leaders there is mrs rampula !!! edna!! so metime marco!!!! tambakan leaders armie leizel nanay leonila marco!!! aplaya!!

is katkat from aplaya angie sekvia!!! so we split into two group!!! and they are a good leading to the bible study team!!!number 8!!! would you say that you are hearing regularly to the holy spirit!!! yes all the time!!! number 9 do you think the leadership team is working together well? yes we communicate its other!!by the grace of God!!!number 10!!!  do you feel you able to contribute to the team that your idea  are listened tooo. yes  they listened because they obey what our plan!!! number 11!!! is there any other area of ministry you been involve in that might not covered in these question? like we involve womens in to the other church!!! numbet 12 how are you personaly doing inside your self your whole life ministry  family  home!!!! happy life if jesus in us  ministry is fine like the bible says in romans 12 verse 11-12 work hard and do not be lazy serve the lord with a heart full of devotion let your hope keep you joyful ,,, be patient in yuor trouble ,, and pray at all times!!! my family im bless because God use them!! home is still full of love!!! number 13 !! how do you think the whole ministry is doing without you and nanay chris !!!  now is challenges to us specialy me because good if you are not here because the people that always asking is stop now but is a good if you are here because im leaning you the thing that we doing now but good for us because we always communicate to each other not really xciting the church i ok not flat ya not every sunday has a new member miduim some is just only allowance but mostly attending for jusus word!! sometimes people negative sometimes positive!!   number 14 last question!!! how is prayer !!! prayer is the best alway answer!!!! testimonies  maybe next day !!! challenge to us but we need this like my revelation in  romance 12verse 11-12    God only knows !!!! for me we have a good leadership team!!!!! God bless pastor chat again tomorrow night!!! bad internet !!!! miss you pastor!!!!


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