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I am not sure discipleship can effectively be done solely in a classroom environment. The classroom is a man made environment, filled with Christians and Christian things.

Just looking purely at Jesus, it was all community based on the job training, in a natural, unforced environment. It was a place where your “theories” pretty much had no place, you either had the answer or you did not. You had to manifest the truth, not just explain it in the hope it would be be believed.

If what you did worked – GOOD, if it did not – CHANGE IT, a very simple evaluation tool.

As I talk about discipleship, people might think “that’s a bit odd, a bit extreme…what about this verse, I like that, don’t like that, but what about this…”, all fair things…my comment will always come back to this – IT’S WORKING FOR US, IS IT WORKING FOR YOU…if so, teach me, if not, learn from us…


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