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Here are a few things we have learned as we have focused on “Making Disciples”, please note these are not theories, you might not agree with the statements and perhaps they could do with a bit more defining, but none the less these are elements of “what we have done” and “what we have learned, as we HAVE MADE Disciples”, so for us at least, the fruit validates the comments…we have Disciples who are Making Disciples…

Each little comment is it’s own thought, they don’t necessarily flow together. Read them, consider them, think – can these be applied by me as I endeavour to make Disciples..?

Disciples are MADE, they don’t just happen…

Some one must decide to MAKE THEM, and some one must choose to BECOME ONE…some one must desire to BE THE EXAMPLE and TEACH, you must be doing this without a disciple in sight, some one must be WILLING TO LEARN…this is the person who looked and saw something in you that they wanted or liked…

Both the Discipler and the Disciple must WORK and be WILLING…there is EQUAL RESPONSIBILITY…

Nothing can be “forced or demanded” in the process…if anything the Disciple has more choice than the Discipler, the Disciple is there by their own choice, the Disciple can walk away at any time…which means it is less about submission and obedience, and more about a GENUINE RELATIONSHIP, it’s not a PROGRAM at all…although a program can be part of the process…

Unfortunately, there is no clear cut process. There is a clear “start point”, which is actually determined by the disciple, but after that, there is no clear path or point of graduation for the Disciple. No program will work with every person. There might actually be no end to the process, as in a really good relationship, death is really the only thing that ends it.

Preferences have no place in the process, especially on the part of the Discipler (I will explain this in a separate post). The Discipler is not in control of the Disciple, the Disciple is there by their own choice.

The Discipler must see the “new guy” as both a Disciple and a Discipler of others right from the beginning, if this is not the case the Discipler runs the risk of making themselves the “determining factor” (playing God) by assessing the perceived readiness of the new Disciple…this is not in the Disciplers control or job description, the Discipler cannot limit or restrict the Disciple in anyway. Remember this, the Disciple is there by their own choice.

Random, well considered thoughts on Discipleship, there will be more to come, and some will be refined over time, but this will do for now.

Bless you – Mark


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