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Another New Slum

Here’s another simple testimony, as we watch from afar, our disciples making disciples.

Ps Manny, Rodelo and the TEAM run the ministry in Don Bosco, before I left I set them the goal of opening up a completely new slum area before I returned. Here’s what Rodelo messaged me recently…

“By the way Pastor, we have contacts already of some of the people from Permanent, we (team) just need to find out the day and time to start a bible study there.”

So they have contacts already in a new area and are beginning bible studies in a new slum area. Leaders who have risen up from within Don Bosco will go with Ps Manny and the Team, this will be their missions training field.

We believe that the model is to set up a base, raise your leaders and then just begin to spread out around the base. Acts says “you shall be my witness’ in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the end of the earth”, every increasing spheres of influences, begin where you are and just start taking over.

We don’t do crusades or any other form of temporary ministry, we build a base, raise disciples and then encourage them to spread…we do these three things all at the same time…ever increasing our influence.

Another short, but profound testimony, another example of effective discipleship.

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