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A New Season

For anyone who follows this blog, you will of noticed a dramatic change in the type of posts being put up.

God has opened up a new door for a short season for both of us. We are both in Australia for a time. I am working in West Australia in the mining industry, while Christine is bouncing around between being with me in Perth (on my time off), being with her mum in Ballarat, the kids and grand kids in Adelaide, and then this week she is in Sydney doing promo stuff and meeting with church leaders to raise awareness and inform people on how the ministry is going.

So, for a time, I have a new “Ministry in the Mines”, and these guys need Jesus. Big, rough, tough Aussie bloke environment. I am a novelty in this world. Christine summarised it like this “pool playing (all the mines have pubs and pool tables), gym junkie (they all have gyms as well), Jesus preaching, priest”, that’s a novelty.

It is clear that when I say I am a christian, that sort of means nothing to most people, same if I say I am a pastor, but if I say I am a priest…everyone knows what that is. I walk into the lunch room, open up my bible on the table with all of it’s flouro marks and underlining on it…and I clearly don’t belong. I have always been a very up front Christian, and I can tell you “I am loving this unsaved world”, Jesus is needed here, and He walks with me. I have a good sense of humour, I am quit witted and not easily intimidated, you throw a comment at me and one is coming right back at you. There have already been some great conversations and a lot of seeds sown.

But, one of the reasons I am here in Australia is for some personal refreshing. We are sort of having a self imposed 6 month sabbatical. I started my time in Australia reading Caroline Leafs book, called Switch on your Brain, and that has clearly been what’s been happening ever since. Hence I am thinking, pondering, praying and burying into the bible. God is giving me some great revelations, and I know that there is so much more to come. I have come into this season a little bit tired, maintaining at a certain level, but by the time we get back to Manila, this will be a new and improved me, and we are going to take missions to a whole new level of fruitfulness and efficiency.

Who we are is what has gotten us where we are today, it’s how this ministry has been built and why it is growing so well, but that won’t necessarily take us on to where we want to go and where we see things need to go…so change is a necessity, especially for me. Myself, and the ministry need a “new me” if we are going to step things up to greater things in God. We are very grateful for where we are in God, but always looking for the “more”, we can’t stand still for very long without being passed by.

We have been in Manila now for 13 years, and God has been so good, but look out 2016, we will hit the ground running, it will be a ripper.

So the style and content of the posts has changed for this season, but the Vision and Purpose is still the same – WE ARE MAKING DISCIPLES.

Bless you all – Mark and Chris


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