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A Miracle from Jesus just for me…

Lots of the stuff we share here is about the work we do and what Jesus does for others – which is simply brilliant, and while Christine and myself have in no ways “missed out”, here’s something Jesus did recently for me…

A short intro – I am 46, reasonably fit, not over weight and for the most part I would say I am healthy and disease free (praise God for that).

I get to Australia, about to begin work and there is a lump and pressure in my groin area…see a Dr, have an ultrasound…hernia. Dr recommends the “so called” simple surgery to fix what is a very, very common issue…but I want time to talk to Jesus about this hernia.

I do some basic research and discover that while the procedure is very simple and very common, nearly 80% of people who have hernia operations will need to have another operation later in life, and many people have mild to severe pain for the rest of their lives, even after a successful procedure and need to be very careful with what and how they lift.

So, I don’t go into denial, but I do decide “I am not having a hernia”…now the facts were, the lump was there, there was internal pressure, but no real pain, the ultrasound clearly showed a hole in my abdominal wall…that’s a hernia…but I refused to ever accept it. I am not calling the Dr a liar, (he is highly trained and highly skilled…in a certain, but, very limited area, we do not live within the boundaries of medical science), instead, I had just made the decision, “I am not having a hernia”, simple as that.

Unfortunately I did not track days, but I think I had the ultra sound about two weeks ago, I have just finished my first shift in the mines and there is no lump and no pressure. I went for a run today for nearly 2 hours, nothing, no problem, no issue…”I am not having a hernia”.

I don’t know where this hernia came from and I don’t know where it has gone, I do know that Jesus did not give it to me, so therefore I did not have to have it, and it must not of felt welcome, because it has now gone.

Thank you Jesus.


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