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Think Well

Some revelation from Caroline Leafs book, Switch on your Brain…

Every thought has emotions attached to it. When a thought is buried in your subconscious, so it’s like it is not active at this time because it is SUB-conscious, then the emotions that go with it are there as well, but right now you don’t feel the emotion…but once you begin to think about it, ponder it, dwell on it, you bring it into your conscious mind and you can now “feel” the emotion of it. As you dwell on things longer, you strengthen and even magnify both the thought and the emotion…this is how we build our many strongholds, which must later be pulled down.

That’s brilliant and you can instantly see why praise and worship is so important, and why good thoughts are so important.

The truth is, there are so many good things happening around us right now, grab onto those things, hold those things, put those things into our minds.

There are so many scriptures to support this that there is nearly no point in putting them here.

…but, as a man thinks in his heart, so he is…negative thoughts produce negative people, but good, positive thoughts produce good, positive people…


  1. Over the years, I’ve memorized numerous scriptures. So, when one of those subconscious thoughts tries to trap me, a verse comes forth in my mind to do battle with it. The verse becomes my sword of the Spirit. Memorizing and meditating on scriptures may sound boring to many, but in spiritual warfare, these verses destroy arguments in our minds.

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