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From THIS…to anywhere he chooses…


In 2006 a Super Typhoon ripped through our slum, devastation was left in its wake.

In this picture you can see what is left of a few slum homes, but focus for a minute on the building with the orange tin…it was a home. What you are looking at is the entire home, maybe 8 foot square. This was the Mission family home. It housed mum, dad (dying of TB) and four children. These are people with very little, loosing what little they had…and then we came…



In 2009 we began “Encouraging” a young Roderick Mission with student sponsorship. Between now and then, this young man has had a roller coaster ride of opposition and adversity.

His father did die of TB not long after the typhoon photo. At 10 he was the sole provider for his entire household, working at night in nearby markets, sleeping a couple of hours and then trying to attend school, where he was falling asleep in class, of course this began to impact upon his grades. So we took over family support for them all, so that Roderick could focus on his schooling. His mother remarried, but the new step dad, simply did not like or want Roderick. The mother decided to follow her new husbands lead, moved to the Province and simply abandoned Roderick to his own fate.

As a church and for myself and Christine personally, we have unofficially adopted Roderick. He lives in a house right behind our house, a house that we built for him. He gets water and food from ourselves and many of our church leaders.

Considering this very simple and short summary of Roderick’s life to date, we would all imagine, this kid won’t make it, or if he does, he will always be at the bottom of the pile…but this is never the plan of God for people…

The plan of God is onwards and upwards, blessed to be a blessing.

This year, this young man has enrolled in College, but not just in any College, he is in one of the best institutes in the country. He is Studying Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the University of the East.

This is happening for a number of reasons –

  1. because God loves him and has a plan for his life…
  2. because we went and served God by serving others…
  3. because he has a couple of people who ENCOURAGE him with financial support…

The truth is, that we have all received help from time to time. Some times we receive the help, sometimes we give the help. Some times I can help at a certain level, then you come along and contribute what you have and then all of a sudden, together we are doing some thing at a much greater level than we could each do individually.

Together we have literally lifted this young man from the “wreckage of life” and together, ourselves and Roderick himself, are paving a new path into a much, much brighter future than his past has been.

We have removed obstacles and limitations, replacing them with OPPORTUNITIES and CHANCES. Through personal and financial ENCOURAGEMENT, we have ignited dreams, vision and purpose, we have created INCENTIVE and MOTIVATION.

Roderick Mission is still who he is, but he is no longer what he was. His future will not reflect his past at all.

Question – who’s life are you changing, how are you changing it, is there anything more that you can do..?

The best way to use your life well, is to give it away to some one else…


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