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Aries Operation

Hi there to all, it’s time to do an update on Aries, the little boy we found with his intestine protruding from his body.

A number of people donated funds to provide an operation for him and fix this. We have done our best to work with the mother, Rochelle, but it is now clear that this operation will not happen, or least it will not happen through us.

It’s been a bit of a saga, so I will explain as best as I can.

We found Aries, the needs were obvious, they had just lost their house in a fire and the child needs surgery, so we began to help. Firstly we built them a home, it was a very temporary home, as there were rumours that people affected by the fire would be relocated – that has now happened.

The process with Rochelle has never been easy. Aries was underweight for the operation he needed, then he was diagnosed with TB. We began all the complex process’s here with Dr’s, check ups and a billion tests, all of which we paid for and often with our leaders spending considerable time with Rochelle and Aries going through these process. Mum always seemed to need a push to get things done, which is fine, we have both the the time, resources and people to help her to walk through all of this. Then the excuses started to come, late for this appointment, couldn’t go to that on that day….again we patiently encouraged mum to walk with us through this, after all it’s her child, not ours.

Then as news of the relocation began to be confirmed, we chatted with Rochelle and her husband how best to manage this. The location for relocation is outside of Manila, but of course Aries needs to be in Manila for all the various medical requirements he needs to complete. So we discussed with her, her husband and the other children will move to Cavite and start their new life there, and Rochelle and Aires will stay in Don Bosco, where we also have a very good ministry and where her sister lives, so Aries can continue with all the process’s that need to be done. Sounds easy enough to me…but did Rochelle do that, no, has she informed us of her new plans…no…

Gradually Rochelle has stopped communicating with us and it has become increasingly difficult for us to connect with her. The house we gave them has been pulled down and they have moved to Cavite…they are gone. Aries still needs and operation, but clearly the mother does not understand the seriousness of the situation, or perhaps she simply does not care, after all, it’s not her right.

So for those who contributed funds, we have spent a bit less than half the funds that people donated on all sorts of tests, basic medicines and transport to and from various centres, we also gave the family money for food from time to time. The remaining funds will now use for basic ministry needs, as this operation is clearly not going to happen. I apologise.

A combination of total ignorance, lack of education and pure selfishness can cause people like Rochelle to totally disconnect from the needs of others, even her own children. Also the difficulty of doing the most basic things in this country, causes people to simply give up and not even bother trying to get things done, especially if it is not for “me” personally. In countries like this, the totally dysfunctional and endless systems simply break people over time, nothing is easy in this country. For example, to own property here is a 158 step process, involving both Govt’ and private entities, and it will probably take you two years to work through, the same in the medical world, just ridiculous, non productive systems.

I am confident that we have done our best with Rochelle and Aries, we have no way of contacting them, there is nothing more we can do.

Once again, I apologise to those who donated funds. If anyone wanted their money back, we are happy to return the unused portion of funds.


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