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No Accountability

How pathetic is this…

I was just speaking with Mayrelle Robedillo, a very bright young girl Last year Mayrelle went to school in the morning, this year, it’s the afternoons. I asked her how is was so far, I was expecting her to make comments about being able to sleep in, and not needing to be up at 5am.

But she said, it’s ok, but the pattern is, for the first few weeks, all the teachers will be there and they will all teach in the afternoon, but as the weeks pass by, less and less teachers teach for the whole afternoon. With many eventually  not turning up very much at all.

How pathetic is that. So she will go to school, but due to lazy and undisciplined teachers, who are in systems that hold nobody accountable, she is expecting to miss out on teaching, when she actually wants to learn, she enjoys school.

Simply wrong.

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