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The LOVE of God

To actually love like Jesus loves, to take 1st Corinthians 13 literally and measure it up against our own lives, emotions, responses to people and the thoughts that we so often have about others…it’s so scary how obviously lacking most of us are in this basic gift and most basic Godly motivation.

It’s probably only me, but the first fruit of the Spirit is LOVE, we are to pursue LOVE, if we don’t have this God type of LOVE everything else we do is pretty much nothing, it’s all wood, hay and stubble.

I have just been chatting with Christine, it is so much easier to love those who love us, or to respond right to people when they either respond right to us, or do what we think they should do, but most of the people in this world are not in that category of people.

Look at me, some one has just stolen my phone and wallet, incredibly inconvenient, especially in my geographical situation (living in two countries with lost documents and cards from both), of course I can say “God bless them, they must of needed it more than me”. I could say it (I did not say it), but even if did, I know that I would not mean it, and perhaps I would only say it if there were other Christians around to hear it…so how shallow am I. Jesus gets such worse treatment than that, reject by His own people, misunderstood by family, beaten in the worse manner, such pain and such suffering…and He can genuinely say “Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing”. When you really put that in context, and put yourself into that situation instead of Jesus, that is just ridiculous, but that is exactly what happened.

Evangelists, people like me, we talk about the power of God a lot, miracles, signs and wonders (and they are definitely great things), others will say “salvation is the greatest miracle” (which must truly be right there on the top of the list of great things), but also clearly getting that LOVE of God, the way Jesus displayed it active in our own personal lives, literally loving others like Jesus does, regardless of who they are and what they have or have not done, that’s definitely got to be one of the greatest miracles. Love like this is just so foreign to us.

Loving like Jesus does is impossible for us without a work of the Holy Spirit making it possible. Perhaps it’s one of the greatest reasons we need the Holy Spirit in our lives, it’s not really the power for miracles, or even to “be a witness” by itself, but it’s be be filled with the love of God, which itself will “empower us to be a witness”. Everything flows from the LOVE of God. We will open the blind mans eyes when we love him like Jesus does, the dead will rise when we love them like Jesus does, multitudes will get saved when we love them like Jesus does.

There is an old song “the Power of His LOVE”, everything happens or does not happen, in accordance with the measure of love that we either have or don’t have for another person.

These things remain faith, hope and LOVE, but the greatest of these is LOVE, pursue LOVE.



  1. Jerry Savelle once told a story about himself. He was to give a teaching on agape love at a New York City crusade in front of thousands of people. He had a special suit made for him by a tailor, but because he was in a hurry, he didn’t try it on and check it out. When he put the suit on, just before he left for the stadium, he discovered that the pants were six inches too short. It was his only suit. He said he walked onto the stage furious at the tailor and yet he taught on love.

    So, welcome to the crowd, brother. We all fall short.

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