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Fish Swim, Birds Fly

If we’re not careful, our lives often become dictated to, or directed by the ideas and/or desires of others, which can sound, and look very convincingly, like something we should be doing…but we should be following Jesus and being led by His Spirit…

…Nothing else is right or effective…

Sometimes one of the challenges in missions, is when someone wants to, or feels led to (using the term “led” very loosely) do “this certain thing”. They then want to fund something that they expect you to do…

When God speaks to me, it is usually about me, or for me, so I must respond in the appropriate manner to God myself…when God speaks to YOU, I would think it’s the same set up – YOU NEED TO RESPOND, YOU NEED TO DO IT, not me…

Sometimes the offer of money can be a motivator (or cynically, a manipulator), that can help us to miss the mark of our mission.

I might be able to help or assist in some one else’s vision in some way, and if I can, I will, but I can’t let it distract me from what I am meant to be doing…

A pastor (Chris Peterson) once told me this, “birds fly, fish swim, do what you do”, I might of quoted him a thousand times or more.

Every time I quote him, it reminds me of my need for focus and hopefully it encourages some one else to, “do what you do”…


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