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Great miracle here.

This lady was found struggling to breath, with a serious pain and lump in her breast. She is still breast feeding a baby. Her husband promised her that if he could get some money, she could have a check to see what was wrong. She was very afraid for her children, what do they do if she dies…

…but then Jesus came in the form of one of our workers. She was explaining to me what happened today.

“When they put their hand on my head I felt electricity going through my head, my chest and my breast. It stayed there while the hands was on my head. I could feel the electricity, but it did not hurt, it felt warm, but like electricity. When they took their hands off my head, the electricity stopped, that’s when I noticed the pain had completely gone, I could breath deep and the lump in my breast was not there either. I don’t know where it went, but even now I have no pain at all and I can breath deep.”

Allan explained that he could see the shock and surprise in her eyes as the miracle was happening.

Today she was just incredibly grateful for what God has done for her and her children.


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