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Jesus said to “MAKE disciples”, indicating a number of things with the use of the word MAKE – a process, something deliberate, work, effort, time, a plan, material required, something someone must deliberately do with another person for a specific result…

How do you make a disciple…?

First part is absolutely necessary – you must be a committed disciple yourself, church goers, attendees, members – all irrelevant, ARE YOU A DISCIPLE, do you hear your Father’s voice often, do you follow Him, is the Holy Spirit at home in you, is He your guide, your teacher, your comforter and your friend…

What does a finished disciple look like…?

Your finished disciple should look like you, you should look like Jesus.

Only disciples can produce disciples, it’s not the work of the church, the church can’t really do it…

Simply preaching the gospel, working a few miracles and then moving on is so much easier than making disciples.


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