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These are the Badjaugh (definitely spelt wrong), professional beggars,who could and should work…they choosing being add an actual profession.

They are always in at least two’s. Here they are working both sides of the street, sharing a baby.

If your see them before they see you, they are usually happy and smiley, but once they see you, they put on these sad, long faces and beg for money pointing at the child, and motioning with a “hand to mouth gesture” that they are hungry.

They are never sick or thin, and they are always dressed the same, usually quite well groomed, they never wear rags. There is nothing poor about them, other than their attitudes, “the world owes me a living “.

You would think they would increase their chances of the baby was not playing with a coke bottle. Often they will beg while they are eating fast food. Silly people.

Totally unnecessary, it’s just a life style choice. I have never followed one, but I would think that they would go to reasonable homes at the end of the day and probably have a husband who works a real job.

It’s a summer profession. Although you think they would get more from tourists if they were willing to sit in the rain for a little while.

Unfortunately, this type of thing makes it harder for the genuinely poor, who do actually need to beg in order to eat.


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