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As a ministry we do, and have done so many “good things” – built homes, medical things of all sorts of shape and sizes, fire prevention projects, drinking water, birthing programs, vitamin distribution, feeding programs, family support, set up a welding shop, trained welders, helped people gain employment, sent hundreds of children to school, you name it, we do it when we need to. Acts 10:38 – Jesus went around doing good – so we do too…

But I am so glad that these things have never distracted us from what we REALLY NEED TO DO. Don’t ever think that the above list is our focus. Practical things are very important, somethings just need to be done, but they are not what we do, they are side issues, not the central focus…

We only focus on two things –

1 –  Preaching the Gospel
2 –  Making Disciples

One of the challenges in an increasingly money and results orientated church environment, is that more and more people want to fund Projects connected to the first list of activities, but the second two things are without doubt the most important things.

Preaching the Gospel and Making Disciples is the PROJECT OF HEAVEN, be involved in this…

Once a man gets saved, his life gets blessed, he can then build his own house, he lays his own hands on his own children and they get healed. Once he gets saved, God is actively involved in his life, now everything begins to be made new and the first list of things that we do are no longer needed for him.

Jesus is enough. Get Jesus into someone’s life. Jesus still works. He always was and always will be, enough.



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