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Visit to Australia

Hi there to all…

It has been a while since myself and Christine were both in Australia purely for ministry. So much has happened in our missions world over the last few years, a lot of growth and development. There are so many stories to tell and lessons to share, but basically, we are “making disciples” and our disciples are “making disciples”.

This year we have put 8 weeks of time aside just for ministry and visitation in Australia, from the 1st of October until the end of November. Two months is a long time for us to both be away from the ministry, but it is only 8 weekends of church life.

We would like to set this time aside to visit church friends that have faithfully supported John 14:12 World Wide Ministries Inc’ over the years. We are happy to share in churches, small groups or just catch up with people for a coffee and a chat. It’s not a fund raising trip, these trips never are for us, it’s for awareness, inspiration, training and education. God has sent us to Asia, but the things that we are seeing God do, the things we are learning and applying are just biblical principals and practices that will work in any, and all, cultures in the world.

We are also very happy to connect with new churches and new people. We will have a car, so anywhere south and on the east coast we are happy to drive, Perth we will of course fly to.

Please note, it is only 8 weeks at this stage (we can extend if we need to), so if you or your church would be interested in having us drop by, please email me or respond to the blog, once we have a few responses in, we will put together an itinerary and email it out to interested people, churches and groups.

Bless you all, and we hope to hear from soon.

Mark and Christine Pedder

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