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Finally – a new home…

Due to some rule changes in Baseco, we can’t build homes as often as we used too, neither can the locals.

We have known this guy Alex forever. He has ridden one of our Pedi Cabs for years, he is hard working, very friendly, a good dad and a decent husband… rare things where we are.

His house has been on a slant for years, maybe a 75 degree lean. Last week he came and asked Christine if we could help him fix his house, she said yes. When this happens the rules are now irrelevant, the wife has spoken.

There is a little story here that the religious might struggle with. He rarely drinks alcohol, he never causes anyone any issues, he is genuinely a nice guy. But this night he was a little drunk. He assured Christine that he had given his wife most of his wage and that they all had food and his wife was happy. I was not there, but apparently he was very funny. The alcohol gave him the confidence to ask for his house to be fixed. Apparently when Christine said YES, he dropped to his knees and did the whole hallelujah, praise the Lord sort of stuff, which was said to be absolutely hilarious. Everyone laughed so much their stomachs hurt.

But on a serious note, his wife has had a baby, and they were living in a house that should not of been standing.

The kids danced on the new floor and we’re choosing spaces on the floor where they were going to sleep that night. There is not a pic of the finished house, but once again, a simple house, a great improvement.











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