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There have been so many changes in Baseco over the last 10 years. Habitat has developed a chunk of it, we have a police station, new  elementary school, new high school, a birthing clinic, real metered water is in the area, we have roads and development is still going on.
New cement roads in large sections of Habitat are added almost weekly now. Unfortunately the level of the roads mean that homes do flood considerably, but locals are so used to that that not many people complain.




This morning as I was walking to church I got these couple of pics of more power lines going up. Safety is your personal choice and responsibility, don’t slip off the wires.



…at least they are not like the mess in other parts of Baseco…


Our little church in block 15 is where we started. It is small, but has such a great feel to it. Just family, so relaxed. Due to our schedule, I have not been here for months, it was so good to be here today. It’s just nice. No power, no instruments, just lift up your voice and worship Jesus, love it. So simple, but just so right.

Mrs Rampula shared a short, simple, but confident message on “Who is Jesus to you, who do you say that I am”.


An evidence that our discipleship is working is seen in this – we have so many capable preachers, that i get on the roster maybe, but not always this much, once a month, and I might add, that I am a great preacher…

Note this, the pulpit is not my private space, where only me and the elite few get to share our incredible revelations and unspeakable wisdom…it’s an open space for “BELIEVERS”. I might not get into the pulpit every weekend, but my pulpit does seem to travel with me, I like to call it “the world”, and where ever I am, there it is, so I guess I am not missing out on too much.

This morning the preacher spoke for maybe 15 minutes. There were no 3 points, illustrations, applications, not even notes. She has learned to do this instead, get something from God, share it, then sit down and shut up, or perhaps move into ministry. It’s about God touching people, not a pretty sermon. We try not to connect God to “our time frame”.



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