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A Good Testimony

This is sort of like a boast, except I know that we are not supposed to do that, so let’s call it a testimony.

God has sent is to a country where corruption and dishonesty are almost a cultural normality. We have been here for a long time and can categorically say (from experience) that it makes very little difference wether you are dealing with Christian pastor, Muslim or total unbeliever, Govt official, police man, school teacher or doctor, the above statement is nearly always true.

We recently had an event at our church that was open to many national pastors and church leaders, our leaders ran the event and we were there just to chat with folk an help out as needed. The event was a great success.

After the event, I heard from our leaders that for the national pastors who had met us for the first time had raved about us after the event. They saw where and how we live, and knowing that we come from Australia, we’re amazed at what we had left behind and what we were accomplishing.

But more importantly for me, I heard from another group, how much they appreciated and respected our leaders. How they noticed the commitment, the dedication and the reliability of our leaders whenever they had to work or interact with them.

We have earned and also kept, respect in the Christian world, the secular world and in the eyes of local Government, being an example that no matter where God puts you, you can outshine any and all darkness, not only can we outshine, we should outshine all darkness.

Do stuff right, and keep doing it right.



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