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New Season

I am so excited to step into this year. We are not people who need a new vision year after year, we have been called to preach the Gospel and make disciples – that’s what we do, that’s ALL WE DO…it won’t change.

But for me there is a significant role change this year. Up until now I have been the pioneer, the boss, visionary, the planner and clear leader, shifting from pioneer to pastor as was needed at the time. God has graciously allowed us to see a number of churches planted, dozens of leaders developed from people we led to Christ and various ministry’s being released as our disciples grew and developed into men and women of God in their own right. It’s been fun to watch, and I feel very privileged to of been able to be part of what God has done so far.

But the original purpose of God in sending me here, was that He put a burden on my heart for the country, not just for this slum and not just for this city. We started in Baseco, then Fairview, then Don Bosco and now Parola…but it’s only the tip of the iceberg in the plan of God.

Baseco and Fairview are both run  by local leadership, and need the absolute minimum of input from me. So we are now at a stage where I can move back into my role as pioneer, which has lessened over the years. I have been putting a lot of time into pastoral efforts over recent years, establishing the church and the leaders, putting together structures an vs programs, keeping an eye on our growth and purpose, making sure we did not wander left or right, and that has not been easy, not being my natural gifting, but it has been successful, and now we are done.

This year I will step out of the running of the entire ministry in Baseco and Fairview. I will still be there, still involved, hopefully I will still get on the preaching roster from time to time, but I will watch without interfering, unless my advice is asked for…but even then, if I am asked, I will give suggestions, ideas, but no direction.
This is so exciting, I am not moving on, in the sense of leaving (which many people do), but because I think God gave us wisdom and we have been able to build well, I can actually let go of this and personally go back to pure evangelism and pioneering (which just thrills me and gets me excited), but I can now do it with a solid ministry foundation under my feet.

We have built a “base” that functions well without me.

Lots of people move on and leave Ministries for a whole heap of reasons, they have out grown it, they have taken it this far and can do no more, maybe they failed at it, or maybe as a ministry grows they get stuck in some role that they have not been called to…whatever…but I feel like the ministry is actually pushing me forward. We are all still very connected, but as the ministry expands my role is clearly to be on the cutting edge of it as it moves forward and develops.

My role this year will be the running of significant Projects (of which we don’t have many) and Pioneering new works in new slums. I still need to commit one more year to working with our team in Don Bosco, just to help establish the work there, but in 2016 they will be on their own.

So I will run Projects if and as they arrive, but mostly I will split my time between Don Bosco and Parola (new slum). It’s feels like starting again, but with a solid platform under me from which to operate.

In the book of Acts we see a ministry that was to start in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and then go to the ends of the earth, speaking of ever increasing spheres of influence. Our Jerusalem is established, now it’s time to move into Judea.

Really appreciate those who follow us, support us financially and hold us up in prayer, please continue in your efforts. We covet your prayers. Just to make it very clear, we are not leaving at all, but we are letting go of a few things and in a way, going with what we see as a very Godly, natural flow.

Great growth is ahead for the ministry, and the Kingdom of God.


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  1. Thanks Mark for letting us know your role change.

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    *From:* Markpedder’s Weblog [] *Sent:* Saturday, 7 February 2015 9:33 AM *To:* *Subject:* [New post] New Season

    markpedder posted: “I am so excited to step into this year. We are not people who need a new vision year after year, we have been called to preach the Gospel and make disciples – that’s what we do, that’s ALL WE DO…it won’t change. But for me there is a significant role “

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