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The Basics Work

As we get closer to those new year resolutions, let’s be mindful of all those “new things” that seem to march through church life and Christianity, just like all the fad diets that come and go. They all promise fast, astounding results, breaking barriers and changing destinies with minimal effort.

Buts lets face it, the basics work well, when we work at the basics…read, worship, pray and preach the gospel everyday, might not ever seem all that dynamic, but it always seems to produce results in the long run.

Truth is many of us get bored with the basics, or we think that these simple things are for the simple people, and we are more advanced, more mature than this, we have a “deeper understanding” and so we get new light on various methods and practices, not understanding that we might actually be majoring on a minor principle and forgetting the fundamentals of our faith – READ, WORSHIP, PRAY and PREACH THE GOSPEL EVERYDAY.

There is nothing wrong with trying new things, experimenting with new ideas or revelations, but do not throw out the “tried and true” in favour of some thing untested, but NEW…

As I walk through a new slum area talking to people about Jesus and praying for the sick, I rarely feel anything special, it’s not often exciting or thrilling…it just needs to be done, it’s what I am called to do…usually I am hot, sweaty, dirty and tired. The “new” that I am looking for is a new friend, a new contact, a new salvation, a new miracle or new doorway that opens up a new opportunity for the same old gospel, the same old Jesus…I will take the old with the new anyday.

Watch your focus this year, the old works well…


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