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This happened withouth me really wanting it to happen, but after a few people asked if we could sit down and have a bible study, I sort of had no choice but to say “YES”.

Off I went, Riza, one of our youth translators was not in school that day, so I asked if she wanted to come with me, I don’t really need her to translate, but it still helps if I have one, so she said “YES”. I explained that maybe there will be two people, maybe none, but that neither is a problem, ket’s just go and see what we get.

We get there and are greeted by a lady who is actually waiting for the bible study, that’s a good sign and then as she ran around inviting people we just hung out with the kids. About 15 minutes later we were having a bible study with about 17 adults and who knows how many children.

We looked at John 3, Jesus and Nicodemus (one of my favorite “GET BORN AGAIN” passages), this example fits so well into any relegious world, as Nicodemus sort of had it all, scripture knowledge, church attendence, a prayer life, he was the “go to” religious guru, if you would think anyone would be getting to heaven, he would…but of course we know that he won’t unless he gets BORN AGAIN.

We did not share for all that long, less than 30 minutes, with one older lady giving her life to Jesus and a couple of others asking for prayer. At the end of our time there I gave out some tracts on being born again, explaining that salvation is a serious life changing decision, which no one should do lightly or because some body wants them to do it.

Take this tract, have this bible, read, ponder and pray…do I need to be Born Again..?

I’ll be back tommorow…said good bye to everyone, shook a few hands and left…what a morning.

Riza was blessed, as with many Filipinos, they don’t really go into these areas. They might live in one, but the don’t wander into other slums unless they know some one in there, some times this is fear based, but often it’s just because there is no point.

As I said in my previous post, I know that motives are still all mixed up, but by consistancey, I will wear down all the rubbish and we will be able to get to peoples hearts.

It really is all about building a genuine relationship with others and that takes time – MY TIME spent in reaching out to others. Contrary to what many think, salvation does not neccessarily happen at an altar call, nor does it always happen even at that point of decision. There are many who “came to beleive”, it was often a progressive process, not a defined point.

Having this bible study with 17 adults was great, but it is just another step towards salvation and Jesus for many. I will simply pop into this area each day now, same place, same time, until they expect me to come. Give out a few more bibles, some more tracts, always pray for any sickness or issue that a person might share with me…and just you watch as step by step, Jesus begins to move in these peoples lives. It’s a tiny, close knit community, maybe 100 families and the little testimonies, those small, tiny miracles that might be seen as coincidence will be gossipped and whispered around to others as they happen…without realising it, they will spread the Word to others about what Prayer and Jesus can do in a persons life.

I can now officially say “this is my new slum, opened up and ready to go”.

Appreciate the continued prayer, I have just under three weeks left, let’s get another area ready to go…


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