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Without a doubt, the saddest thing that I hear everyday that I go to Parola is when I offer to pray for someone, they ask “may bayad” (does it cost anything). Then when I explain that prayer, miracles and salvation are all free, they will ask me a few times “libre ba” (it’s free, really).

Relegion has so screwed up peoples concepts and ideas. But this also shows me what local pastors and priests have done. Most of the the people who fill those positions, charasmatic or not, are only there as a job, “a means of gain”. People say “I am a pastor”, just like you would say “I am an electrician or an accountant etc”. As a job, ministry is actually a very bad job, as it was never intended to be a job. You might be able to make it financially profitable amongst the affluent, but amongst the poor, how do you ever think that you can actually profit from them, they have nothing to give.

I have had many people tell me about various pastors that live in the area, I have not met one yet, but clearly there is no reason to met any of them. I have heard of pastors, but I have not heard that there is an active church yet. But also, it is very obvious that there are no spaces big enough in this area to have a church, any local pastor will be thinking “church”, as in a building, a congregation…that is not going to happen in this place, it must be a house church, cell church, small group network, “continuing daily….breaking bread from house to house”.

No one has accepted Jesus yet, but many have asked for and received prayer, hearing a very simple gospel, plus in certain areas between gate 1 – 4, I am getting well known. I only have a couple of weeks left here, but I am happy with the progress.

No one is consistantly coming into Parola with me, I have taken a few leaders every now and then, but it has not gotten into anyones heart yet as a place where they should be working, so I think that at this stage, I will just continue going there every day and lay a foundation for further ministry in January next year.


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