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Moments with God

I preached on moments with God that change your entire life, use the moments well and we can get great results. Most biblical moments with God revolve around people making that decision to go to Jesus for whatever reason, with whatever problem…the decision is made in a moment but the effect can be forever.

The first disciples to be called, in a moment they said YES, that changed their entire eternity. It would of been just as easy to say NO, but they said YES. A number of other verses. The centurian who goes to Jesus because his daughter is nearly dead, great choice, the right choice, he finds Jesus and Jesus goes with him…guess in that moment he would be happy, excited, expectant, it’s all going as planned…but then Jesus gets delayed by the lady with the issue of blood…as they near the house the next moment changes very dramatically, “your daughter is dead, don’t bother the teacher anymore”, now fear, doubt, sadness, confusion come, did I make the right decision, yes, but now it has all gone wrong. He used his first moment well, made a right decision, now he must choose in this moment what he will do, he could give up, tell Jesus thanks for coming, sorry to waste your time, I tried, I did my best, but it did not work, this is now a defining moment…will he believe…Jesus encourages him, the girl comes back to life, that decision of a moment receives its reward.

The two theives on the cross, both in exactly the same situation, dying, they have their last few moments and it just so happens that they are with Jesus in His last few moments. One chooses to use his last moments, his last breath by cursing Jesus, the other chooses to defend Jesus, he asks Jesus to remember him…in his literal last moments he gets to Jesus…everything changes for eternity. He never raises the dead, plants churches or works any miracles, we don’t even know his name, but he will be in heaven and he teaches us an important lesson on making sure you use the moments with Jesus well.


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