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Parola, Day 3

Ok, for some reason post that failed…love how reliable our internet is over here…still got lots of “likes” though…hahahaha…

Ok, so day three of Parola was once again about Dominiques legs. Just ducking in and out each day changing the dressings.

Dominiques dad is Rey, had a great chat to him today, he has no consistant work and the mother, whom I have not met yet, sells ladies bra’s in Divisoria some where, so she would probably earn about 120p per day. Rey is a carpenter, but the last time he worked was four months ago. One tiny tube of burns cream costs about 600p, and with burns of this size, you would well and truly use one tube per day. The father is very nice, very easy to talk to. For families like this when a serious accident happens, there is actually very little they can do. I can imagine on the day of the incident and for the night that preceeded, it would of been like just holding your breath and hoping your boy was ok in the morning.

I will repost some pics of the legs in a week or so. For at least this week all I will be doing is looking after these legs and just breifly chatting to people as I go in and out of the area, as the cream we use is pretty expensive and it needs to stay refrigerated.

If anyone felt like donating funds so we can buy more of this cream, you would be welcome to do so. We buy it in Australia in 500 gram tubs for about AUD 125 per tub, the stuff fixes any and all deep, soft tissue wounds, although it is designed for burns, but we have succesfully used it on so many things, just brilliant stuff. We have more than enough to fix Dominique at this time.

But please pray for him and for the work in Parola, as always, we need to real power of God to be manifest in peoples lives.


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