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Parola, Day 2

OK, so somehow the text on this post disappeared, which was interesting, as many people “liked” it, and no one commented that they could not read anything…

Day two of Parola, I have decided to focus on getting myself and the gospel known in gates 1-4, heaps of people in there.

Today I found a little boy, Dominique, 8 years old with horribly burnt legs. I have heard many stories of how it happened, but how it happened is irrelevant now, it has happened and it needs to be fixed.

The incident happened on the 1st of November, with some thing connected to All Saints Day (Halloween), where one of the many traditions is to light candles in doorways to wards off evil spirits, but as you can tell by the photos, this is not a candle burn.

So today I try to clean up the wound as best as I can, without causing him any pain, then I put our magic burns cream on it and dress it. I will now go back every single day to re-dress it.

Took me a while to convince him that this was not going to hurt, but if you were able to ask any child in Baseco, they would tell you “Ps Mark, walang masakit”, he never hurts you, it’s a deal I have with them all. SO just some jokes and some gentle coaxing along, and now Dominique knows, “Ps Mark Walang masakit” – we are officially friends now.

This will be a great way of getting known in this area, as every day I go, a crowd will gather, and after I leave another crowd will gather to find out why I was there.

Acts 10:38, Jesus went around doing good, it’s always a great way to start, just be good at doing good…nothing tricky here…







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