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Parola, Day 1

So I really just did a big walk through today, spoke to a few people, but really just needed to orientate myself to the area. I have been in here before, but not with this intent.

There are at least four separate areas, named A – D. In section A there are 20 gates by which you can enter the front wall, with many exits out the back. As I said in the first post, it is houses built on houses. Some of the alleys are really tiny and very dark. There are a lot of people just hanging around doing nothing.

Most people were friendly. Lots of stares and silly comments, but then I can guarantee that they don’t see many white people in here, especially a white person alone, so it’s all to be expected.

Saw no evidence of a church, but then again, can guarantee they are there, but they will be tiny, with pastors with little vision, no money and probably poor reputations amongst the people. Once people get to know me, there will be heaps of pastors popping up claiming to work there, do this or that and mostly it will be territory marking and claiming, which I will politely ignore and just carry on with the Gospel.

Anyway, first time in was good, dogs are the biggest issue in such tight places.

Definitely need to focus on one area first, area A, with 20 gates.

Appreciate the prayer.


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