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Last night I went once again to the men’s fellowship in Don Bosco, where maybe 15 men gathered to hear the word of God. The men’s ministry in Don Bosco has been running for perhaps two months at the most, and last night I actually saw desire and a bit of hunger in the eyes of some who attended.

We have constantly told them how much Jesus loves them, and that He wants to express His love in so many practical ways, and all they have to do is begin to follow Him. As soon as they do that, His plan for their lives will begin to unfold, and I think they are beginning to believe it.

It truly took us years to break into the world of men in Baseco, but Don Bosco has taken months – WHY..?

We have the right man, in the right place, at the right time. Ps Manny Pring.
The timing for all things is in the hand of God. We cannot shorten the time, although we certainly can prolong it.

In some lives, the Lord is able to accomplish great work after just a few years of dealing with them. In others, it is evident that after ten or twenty years, there is still little evidence of serious change and therefore little fruit – that’s due to our choices, not His…His plan is “to make us”, we must choose “to be made”.

Manny got saved and was just “open, hungry and so teachable”, HE CHOSE TO BE MADE. God can easily flow through anyone with an attitude like this.

He has been very easy to lead, there has been very little resistance in him as I have suggested things or said things, he just listens and does them and the fruit in his life is becoming very, very obvious.

He is a great challenge and a great encouragement to me, and to all.

Stay Open, Stay Blessed, and Be FRUITFUL.





  1. “It truly took us years to break into the world of men in Baseco, but Don Bosco has taken months – WHY..?”

    Praying John Hyde spent sent seven years in India, praying as much as thirty hours at a time and fasting for weeks, and still had only one convert. Yet, a little while later, Hyde saw revival break out. It’s my belief that it takes a long time to plow up fallow ground.

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